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This page is created for middle school science teachers. It has a collection of other science teacher's sites and content specific related resources.   

Teacher created sites

STEM Resources

6th grade Content Resources

    This is the 6th grade content resources. This is my second year teaching 6th grade science content in more than 15 years. It is still a work in progress.

    2011 Lesson Plans

7th grade Content Resources

This is my page for content resources for 7th grade. It includes all the notes, PowerPoints, labs, projects, and movies I use to teach the scientific method, geology, and astronomy.

(2011 Lesson Plans, 2010 Lesson Plans, 2009 Lesson Plans & Homework, 2008 Lesson Plans & Homework)

8th grade Content Resources

This is my page for content resources for 8th grade. It includes all the notes, PowerPoints, labs, projects, and movies I use to teach the scientific method, chemistry, and physics. I no longer teach 8th grade....well this year at least.

This is the link for all of my 8th grade pages; including the 2010 agenda, links & projects. 8th grade Home

(2010 Lesson Plans, 2009 Lesson Plans & Homework, 2008 Lesson Plans & Homework)

Science Olympiad Resources

        This page has links to help either a Science Olympiad club or class.

Middle School Science

This is one of the best middle school science sites. It was created by Liz LaRosa. It has a great collection of lessons and ideas.

Science Spot

This site is a great resource for both students and teachers. Ms. Trimpe provides a huge collection of lessons and links for teachers, as well as an excellent link list for students to utilize.

Mrs. Krech’s Earth Science Website

This site provides teachers with lessons, PowerPoints, and terrific ideas to help anyone teach Earth science.  It also has her entire Earth science plan book.

Daryl Science

Terrific science resources for teachers, and a super section on bad Hollywood science.  This site tends to focus on physics and chemistry.

Science Class

This is one of my favorite teacher sites.  It is an awesome resource for science teachers. It has lessons, PowerPoints, and great organizational resources.

Adventures in Science

    This site was created by Eboni DuBose. It is an awesome site. She has all of her lessons sorted by the big idea and they are supported by PowerPoints and activities.

My Science Box

At My Science Box, you'll find complete, scaffolded lesson plans to teach a 4-6 week middle school science unit through activities, projects, and field trips. The projects are printable.

Evolution and Nature of Science Site

This site has a great section on how to introduce students to the nature of science.

Geology Resources

Volcano Webquest

Crayon Rock Cycle from science-class.net

Sugar Cube Rock Cycle also from science-class.net

Model of Three Faults (lesson) with cut out fault model, also from science-class.net

Model of the Earth from science-class.net

Earth Layers Foldable© from Science Teaching Ideas

Types of Plate Boundaries from Science Teaching Ideas

DELESE Teaching Boxes

Volcano Lessons from Volcano World


Mineral Information Institute

US Geologic Service

Astronomy Resources

Constellation Webquest

Shoe box planetarium from Middle School Science

Intro to Astronomy from Astronomy.com

Four Seasons from science-class.net

Here comes the sun internet lesson from science-class.net

Seasons Webquest from science-class.net

Tilted Earth from science-class.net

Lunar Lollipops from science-class.net

ASU Mars Education Program

NASA Explores


Windows to the Universe

Size and Distance of the Planets

Chemistry Resources

Periodic Table Families from Middle School Science

The Periodic Table on the Internet from Middle School Science

Bond with a Classmate from Middle School Science

Cabbage Juice Lab Middle School Science

The pH Factor

Alien Juice Bar lesson and web site   Lesson worksheet from Middle School Science

Chemistry in a Bag Demo  from Middle School Science

Mystery Powder Lab from Middle School Science

Flame Test Demo

Balancing Chemical Equations from Middle School Science

Balancing Act  from Science Spot

Internet Tutorial on Balancing Equations

Making models of atoms and isotopes from science-class.net

Atomic Structure Review from science-class.net

Atomic Structure Graphic Organizer from science-class.net

Matter Graphic Organizer from science-class.net

Alka-Seltzer Experiments

Amazing Chemistry Teacher Resources

SMILE Chemistry

Countertop Chemistry

Adopt an Element from Science Spot

Element Baby Book from Science Spot

Playing with Polymers from Science Spot

A Tasty Solution from Science Spot

Can ripper from Daryl Science

Pretest for Science Misconceptions from Daryl Science

Heavy Metals webquest

Periodic Table Project from science-class.net

Candy Reaction from science-class.net

Sugar Reactions from science-class.net

Evidence of Chemical Change from science-class.net

Conservation of Mass from science-class.net

Quite a Mentos Reaction from science-class.net

Reaction in a Baggie from science-class.net

Chemical Reactions Webquest

Cookie Properties from science-class.net

Comparing Properties of Elements & Compounds from science-class.net

Liquid Layers from science-class.net

Making Molecules from science-class.net

Physics Resources

Newton's Challenge Lab from Science Spot

Fortune Teller Fish and the Scientific Method from Daryl Science

Newton's First Law Quickies from Daryl Science

Fonebook Friction from Daryl Science

Physics behind movie stunts from Daryl Science

Hypercoaster from Daryl Science

Inca Engineering from Daryl Science

Hot Wheelin Physics from Science Spot

Accelerometers from Science Spot

MU Physics Experiments

Peggy E. Schweiger Physics Page

N.E.R.D.S. Demos

University of Virginia Experiments

ProTeacher Physics

SMILE Physics

Acceleration Lab from science-class.net

Balloon Rockets from science-class.net

Moving Bodies from science-class.net

Describing Motion/Speed from science-class.net

Experimenting with Motion from science-class.net

Force & Acceleration from science-class.net

Forces Notes from science-class.net

Hovercraft Project from science-class.net

Newton's Laws from science-class.net

Newton's Laws of Motion Project from science-class.net

Roller Coaster Project from science-class.net


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