Volcano Poster Project

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You will create a poster on a specific volcano.

The assignment specifics can be viewed here. Assignment   Rubric   (How you will be graded.)

Links to use:

Volcano World

Global Volcanism Project
Volcanoes On-Line African Volcanoes
North American Volcanoes

Volcanic Hazards

Volcanoes from USGS Active Volcanoes
Features of a Volcano Volcano Glossary
Volcano Expedition Earth's Active Volcano
ASK.com Volcano Search Anatomy of a Volcano
Interactive Volcanoes How Volcanoes Work
Live Science Volcanoes Volcano geology
Volcanoes for Kids (Thank you to Ms. Weston's class for finding this site!)  

When you are finished, go to these sites & review for your benchmark.

Mineral Review    Rock Cycle Review  Plate Tectonic Review  Earthquake Review   Volcanoes

Geology Unit Review

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